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Another Success Story [trader turnaround story]

I am back! I want to share another Build Alpha success story with you guys for a few reasons. First, I have been very quiet on social media, etc. lately and that is because I do not need to promote Build Alpha every day (although I probably should). I haven’t tweeted in month(s), but I have maintained my typical support, however. Anyways, think twice about traders that push their service, product, software, etc. every single day – it means they rely on it. Secondly, this Build Alpha user is the EXACT reason why I started on this journey of making Build Alpha publically available. His story also echoes my own – which is why I am so fascinated by it and could not resist sharing it with everyone.

First, let me reiterate my main goal with Build Alpha, the one written on the homepage of the site  since day one: “Bridge the gap between the programming world, the quantitative trading world, and the money manager/trader who seeks to evolve with the times.”

In other words, can I take someone with no programming/trading experience and help turn them into a successful systematic trader? That is what I set out to do. I know the depths of the trader struggle and I want to pull as many traders as I can from that pain.. because man, do I still remember it like it was yesterday!

I do not wish to teach programming or wish to give you some PhD in statistics/finance, etc. My main goal was to create a tool to bring a trader who is completely unexposed (or partially unexposed) to algorithmic trading the ability to create their own portfolio of strategies, understand how pros think about risk, AND automate these strategies  all without ANY programming. That is, take someone from no programming experience to algo trading profits without any programming.

The trader who I am talking about wishes to remain nameless (for now) and I will refer to him as TraderX. His email to me and account statement are below.

Testimonial Disclosure:  Testimonials appearing on this website may not be representative of other clients or customers and is not a guarantee of future performance or success.

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His story is eloquently explained in his email as only a trader experiencing the full journey could. I’ve only summarized his highlights for convenience, but his words are better.


  • +$34,000 in one month, trading small size across a diverse basket of  markets, timeframes.
  • Started learning from online sources and not formally educated by any big bank, business school, etc. with regard to trading. Takeaway: Self-taught is possible!
  • Payed for educators and services, alerts, chat rooms with mixed to negative results. Takeaway: there are no shortcuts in this game.
  • Went ALL-IN on learning and understanding BuildAlpha and its training videos. Takeaway: Build Alpha is a tool, but ultimately the end user is  responsible for his/her own success with it.
  • No desire to program and still does not care to learn… because he does not need to. Takeaway: tools needed to succeed exist in BA
  • Diversified his portfolio across assets/symbols, timeframes, strategy types, etc. Takeaway: no holy grail hunting, but only professional portfolio building.
  • Understands how to set expectations and let systems play out. Takeaway: zero to hero. Simplicity usually wins.

TraderX is a great case study because he was  literally the struggling/learning trader I can relate to from my own experiences and watching/talking to him now with his evolved understanding of trading is truly incredible and cannot wish this success to a more deserving trader. The answer is simple: admit where you are, agree to put the work in, watch the videos, do the work, be patient. This is a general recipe for success in life – TraderX only got into trading after selling his own business. Some people just get it… others need to hear it first; that is why I do these posts. The answers are certainly there and exist!

I normally hate publishing these testimonials but am glad to have explained why I do. The results are simply the byproduct of great workflow/process learned through hardwork, Build Alpha training videos and experimenting. TraderX is not alone in the BA community in this regard. Here is another user’s statements over the past few months where you can see successful trading. He is taking his time, abiding by the numbers/expectations he’s created and ultimately growing himself and his account. Remarkable.

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To learn more, please contact me at Reminder: Build Alpha comes with 50+ training videos where I explain system trading principles, system trading basic, and of course the details of how to maximize the Build Alpha software.

Thanks for reading,


Testimonial Disclosure:  Testimonials appearing on this website may not be representative of other clients or customers and is not a guarantee of future performance or success. To view full risk disclosures please visit Disclaimers – Build Alpha

7 thoughts on “Success

  1. Dave – this is inspiring testament from some of your users. I’m now committed to being the next success story using your fabulous Build Alpha.
    Stay tuned.

  2. Great story and wish the guy ongoing success. I have found build alpha a very useful tool indeed but it certainly does come down to the user. Diligence in selection is essential, fortunately your tutorial videos explain very clearly how to use the tool to best advantage.

  3. David,
    Thanks so much for sharing this story, and thank you for backing up the post with actual trading statements.
    This is actually the second time of my reading the post. It is only on the second reading that I have discovered the link to the WordPress site that has the valuable information being posted by you on a regular basis. The Build Alpha product & support keeps on getting better and better!

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