Learn about Dave Bergstrom, the trader and creator of the Build Alpha software. Dave has spent years working with a high frequency trading firm, consulting large CTAs and Hedge Funds as well as individual investors and traders. Now it is time to use the software behind his process.

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My Story

My name is David Bergstrom, and I am the guy behind the Build Alpha software. I have spent many years researching, building, testing, and implementing market making and trading strategies for a high frequency trading firm, a handful of CTAs, individual clients, registered money managers, and even aspiring retail traders. I am a self taught programmer who uses C++, C#, Python, Perl, Java and even TradeStation’s EasyLanguage. Most of my experience has led me to a series of repeatable processes to find, create, test, and implement trading ideas. Build Alpha is the culmination of this process from start to finish.

All lifetime licenses come with support from myself and not some intern or team dedicated to answering phone calls; that’s right, you get to talk to me directly. Have an issue or want some new feature implemented? I am the guy. I am constantly updating and adding things I find valuable to the trading process and to the Build Alpha software; it is software that I use every day. For any questions, comments, or concerns never hesitate to contact me directly. I am always in the mood to talk about markets.

To learn more about me, please check out my recently featured interview on the Chat with Traders podcast. This is a trading podcast that has interviewed stars from the sport such as: Blair Hull, Ed Thorp, and Jack Schwager.

You can check out the episode I did here:

New Update:

I recently was interviewed by another podcast, bettersystemtrader.com. This is a podcast specifically geared toward systematic and algorithmic trading. I gleaned tons of information from this podcast and still do. I was honored to be a part of it:

New Update:

I was just on Future’s Radio Show which is sponsored by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. You can listen here:

New Update:

Latest Update: I have started a blog! It is basically a collection of quantitative trading insights, useful tools and techniques, and the Free Friday strategies I give away on twitter. Please feel free to read through it here:

Also, a big shout out to Quantocracy. They’re a great website that have tons of information about quant trading and have been kind enough to share a few of my posts and podcasts. Check them out, too.

I recently gave TraderLife Magazine a chat. Check it out here TraderLife/david-bergstrom