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Build Alpha Software Lifetime License with Free Updates Included.

This includes one license to Build Alpha software, lifetime free updates to data, signals, exits, and any new features the site unveils. The only software that auto-generates hundreds of thousands of systematic strategies to fit within your pre-specified risk/reward metrics AND allows you to stress test each and every strategy. View in and out of sample with ease, all data included, and generate actionable trading code all from one command center.

21 reviews for Build Alpha Lifetime License with Free Updates

  1. -PF

    This is a really cool tool. You have given excellent support and I am excited for what is to come. Cheers, mate.

  2. PS

    I really appreciate you having chosen me to be a tester. I am already in love with BuildAlpha. Great tool. Excellent value!

  3. Darren

    all in all a superb tool – well done! looking forward to use it in my everyday business 🙂

  4. AT

    Thanks Dave, I am done with testing today. My wife hates your BuildAlpha as I have been staying up late recently!

  5. JG

    I have been using this tool for over a month and am amazed what I continue to find. The new features are amazing it seems like new things are added every week. Looking forward to Python code.

  6. DF

    A good analysis tool, lots of options to quickly narrow down candidate systems from the noise

  7. MB

    I just wanted to say thank you very very much for developing BA!  It is the best thing that has happened to my trading. I have mixed it with my trading style taking a discretionary approach mixed in and I am shocked by the results. Using BA I am able to mine for strategies as needed and feel that it has helped me gain a definite edge and confidence in trading the markets. Since, mid-March 2017 to today BA helped me to turn 122.5k into 191k. 

  8. Zheng Z

    First of all, I have to thank you to create Build Alpha. I was a semi-systematical trader before I meet BA. In Sep, I saw it on twitter and decided to give it a try. Build Alpha is a just amazing tool for us to create strategies, test our ideas, and build our confidence to run strategies in real time. Only in two months of time, two strategies I’m running now have been generated over $5000. Thanks again to bring use Build Alpha.

  9. Mike W

    My mind is blown, Dave! This completely speeds up what I need to get done and I’ve probably learned 5,738 new tools and tricks to build better systems. Appreciate what you’re doing.

  10. Marc L.

    Dave! This software is amazing. The course really helped me as I didn’t know half of these things existed ha cheers

  11. Josh A

    SO POWERFUL! Can I Consider myself a programmer now as I can do everything they can now?

  12. Hugh M Hambruch

    Love the back-testing metrics ….Awesome product… I especially appreciate Customer Service emails informing us about latest updated features …The customer service is the best that I ever experienced, very fast response time….. for me its been 10-15 minutes everytime I have a question!

  13. Stogie Sam

    So I started my trading journey the same way most people do – trying to absorb as much information as I could from various sources. Books, trading courses, mentors, chatrooms etc. And as I am sure you all know 99% of this industry is comprised of crooks and charlatans selling you methods that just don’t work. Any idiot can learn how to go long or short or use a moving average, but the key to trading success is finding an actual quantified statistical edge. I eventually came to the realization that a human alone cannot trawl through charts and find an edge, a machine learning approach is required. There are a couple of packages out there that use genetic algorithms to data mine for strategies. I tried three of them and was unimpressed. They were unstable, had awkward user interfaces, but worst of all they were basically nothing more than overfitting machines. Build Alpha doesn’t have a free trial and I followed Dave on Twitter for about a year before I felt confident enough to try a blind buy. It was scary but I am SO glad I made the plunge. BA is great. It’s more than just a piece of data mining software, it has a lot of different tests in there that help you reduce the probability of your strategy being overfit. Having been in this game for a couple of years now I have coined this phrase: “overfitting is as easy as breathing”. It really is. And you need every tool at your disposal to help combat it.

    What is even better than BA itself is that when you purchase BA you get access to a lot of extra material that isn’t widely advertised on the webpage. BA comes with a whole bunch of built in indicators and it generates trading strategies based on a fairly simple reusable template. The template is about 2 pages worth of code in EasyLanguage so you can wrap your head around it in a day or two even if you are just a beginner like I was. The indicators and basic algo template that come with BA are worth the price of admission itself. I won’t say which indicator is the best one, but there is one in there that is absolutely spectacular. I use it in nearly every single strategy I have and I have not seen it documented or coded anywhere else. And once you’ve generated a few strategies with BA you will get a sense of how the template gets modified with each new strategy. Once you’ve got that down, you can make manual tweaks to the code and make things even better.

    On that note, it is important to realize that Build Alpha is just a tool. A very useful tool, but the quality of algos that you develop will still be a function of intelligent user choices. For my first few months playing with BA I was generating overfitted strategies that had amazing equity curves and now I can tell you that you can’t just use it like that. If you end up generating a strategy where it just looks like random rules pieced together, chances are it will be an overfit strategy. But if you generate a strategy where you can see why it would make sense, then you are probably on to something good. “Oh! Yes I can see why you would try to short here” “Ahh yes it’s going long on overextended dips during this regime. That makes sense”. Those are the types of thoughts you want to have in your head when doing strategy development. It can’t just be pure algo magic.

    But how did I develop this intuition? A huge part of the BA experience is immersing yourself in Dave’s training videos, reading around the private forum, and going through Dave’s custom statistics pages. You really get inside his head and learn how he thinks. Volatility filters. Time filters. Time based exits. Only a small number of rules for the entry. So much more. He’s the only guy out there putting out this type of material. By buying Build Alpha I learned to think more like Dave, and once I started thinking more like Dave, my trading improved massively. Dave’s tech support is legendary. I like to joke that he is as fast as Commander Data. I often get responses within 5 minutes regardless of the time of day. He’s gone beyond the call of duty multiple times now offering me helpful tips on how to find edges on the timeframe I like to trade. This dude has already made his millions. He’s not here to profit off of you. He is here to give back.

    My final piece of advice would be to not waste time on Ninjatrader. Even though BA supports it, NT 7 and 8 are buggy and unreliable software packages that need major overhauling. Stick to Multicharts 64 or Tradestation.

    I don’t know if I am allowed to publicly say what Build Alpha costs but let’s just say it costs less than one bad trade with a single futures contract. If you’re still losing money in the market stop screwing around and just trust Dave. You’ll learn more actionable information from him than getting a PhD in quant finance. He’ll change your life.

  14. Oliver

    This software and Dave’s training lessons helped me survive my first market crash and I finally feel like a real trader. I have struggled for many, many years to find consistency and never truly had a quantified edge. Now I know I was trading randomly (chart trader) and just kept trying new things, strategies, indicators, markets, etc but nothing seemed to grant me consistency where I felt comfortable. I came across Dave from a podcast he was on and immediately resonated with how he approaches the markets. I read through BuildAlpha’s website overnight and feel lucky to this day that I found it. If you are contemplating system trading or BuildAlpha then I am living proof you are in a position to change your trading and your life.

  15. MMAR

    This software is simply GREAT!
    It allows you to do very quickly yet extensively a lot of testing non only to find new code (that it’a value by itself) but MOST IMPORTANTLY it allows you to understand if your portfolio of strategies have a chance to survive in the real life or not.
    Dave is extremely helpful and keeps on developing this already excellent software.
    It’s a must have for all serious systematic traders.
    I can assure everyone this is the best investment ever made with trading software.

  16. DZ

    Very intuitive software Dave! I was able to get up and running immediately and it is easy to accomplish what I wanted to test. There are quite a bit of signals available (kudos to you) so I am sure I will be at this for quite some time. Cheers and wish you well with continued updates. Excited to see what is coming!

  17. LWD

    Remarkable software engineering and incredible trading know-how all packed into one. Truly a system developers dream. Thank you for the hard work and willingness to share with us. Cannot wait for the upcoming upgrades – should probably charge more now that I have a license 🙂

  18. AGA

    Dude! This is the most amazing piece of trading software I have ever come across. I did not even know something like this was possible. Keep up the good work Dave

  19. Phil

    Extremely fast and reliable way to test my own trading ideas. I have even leveraged BuildAlpha to find me new strategy concepts and have learned quite a bit. I would recommend this software and Dave to any serious trading system developer every day of the week and twice on Sunday. Beyond excited for the features and upgrades in the next version! Keep it up, Dave.

  20. P Brown

    Good afternoon David, just wanted to say Build Alpha is an incredible tool.

    Good job all around!

  21. Nicholas

    Really loving the software and this was no doubt the best trading investment I have ever made!

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