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Terms and Conditions

  • Payment sent after receiving this agreement is the only way commitment can be made on behalf of the buyer. Payment is the buyer’s written consent to agree to these terms listed below. Buyer also agrees that checking terms and conditions box before payment will serve as commitment to these terms and conditions listed below.
  • The information and software being purchased is deemed confidential by the selling/disclosing party. Therefore, the buyer agrees to refrain in any way shape or form in the disclosing or sharing of any information, knowledge, strategy or anything similar to any outside party without express written consent by the disclosing party, Axiom Futures, LLC. The information is deemed proprietary, and the property of Axiom Futures, LLC and should be treated as such. Nothing in this agreement constitutes a partnership or ownership, but rather a licensing agreement to keep matters confidential while leasing the technology sold by the disclosing/selling party. Payment sent to the disclosing party is the buyer’s agreement to this term and condition.
  • All sales are final. All payments are final and products licensed “as is”. In addition to the second clause, this measure is taken to protect the selling/disclosing party as well as other purchasing parties. Payment received is the buyer’s agreement to this condition.
  • The seller reserves the right to terminate this agreement for any reason for the lifetime of the agreement. The seller also reserves the right to amend any terms and conditions without express written consent of the purchasing party. The seller will respond in a timely matter of any written requests inquiring if any updated information has been made to the agreement.
  • The seller may also trade these similar strategies, signals or use these products in a similar fashion or dissimilar fashion as any purchasing parties. The seller agrees that any findings or strategies created cannot be sold, licensed or shared without the express written consent of the selling party.
  • Axiom Futures, LLC is in no way shape or form responsible for any financial decisions made by the leaser of the software. Axiom Futures, LLC is not an investment advisor and the buyer should consult his/her financial advisor before making any trading/investment decisions. Please see website disclosures at the bottom of every page on either or or in order to see full list of disclosures regarding products/services offered. The decision to use, trade, automate any trading strategy or indicator is a decision made by the responsible purchasing party – who will take full liability for any subsequent results, actions, and capital gains/losses.
  • The selling party has a very strict privacy policy. We will not disclose to any other party not affiliated with Axiom Futures, LLC who or when purchase was made or who the purchaser was. If needed Axiom Futures, LLC would request approval in express written consent requiring a purchasing party response prior to disseminating any information deemed “private”.
  • Axiom Futures, LLC is not responsible for any tax obligations, or responsible to even notify the buyer of any tax obligations, due to any financial outcome of any decision made by the Buyer using or not using any Axiom Futures, LLC product(s). It is the buyer’s responsibility to understand his/her own tax obligations. Axiom Futures, LLC is not associated with any CPAs or Tax Attorneys and legally cannot provide any advice or answer any questions.
  • The Software is licensed for education, but if the Buyer chooses to execute any trading signals and trade the software’s signals with real money in a real account or trade using these signals then the Buyer assumes full responsibility to the decisions to buy and sell securities as his/her own decisions and accepts full and total responsibility to the outcomes of these decisions including but not limited to: verifying test results, verifying synchronization of data signals from multiple markets, verifying data was readily available at the time of entries/exits, and more. Axiom Futures, LLC takes no responsibility for financial gain or loss of the Buyer. Please reference term #6 for further information regarding responsibility, liability and the like.
  • Any advice given by Axiom Futures, LLC (or any affiliated party or ‘dba’) is meant to be impersonal and is not tailored to any individual. Please refer to term #6 and know we abide by the CFTC definition of a CTA and realize we are in no shape or form entitled to make individual investment advice for any client without the proper licensure. Any advice, signals or products are uniform and distributed equally to all purchasing parties.
  • If you need assistance with these Terms and Conditions or the service, you can call our customer service number at 1-561-203-9143 or email Axiom Futures, LLC at